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The HallPass features:
• Standardized Hall Policy within your school.
• Accumulative movement record Hall Pass cards create a permanent record of students' trips outside the class room to improve hall security.
• Hall Security with no additional work for teachers.
• Color Coded Zone System - With the nine HallPass holder colors and 10 HallPass cards colors, The HallPass system makes it possible to color code different zones (i.e. floors, halls, wings, etc.…) of the building.
• Color Coded Zone System makes out of place students readily identifiable.
• Proven System with over 25 years of successful school system service.
• Colored HallPasses and Record Cards to match school colors.

Included in the HallPass kit are easy to use instructions:
• Student signs Hall Pass with name, destination and time out before leaving the room.
• Student takes the Hall Pass from room to destination and back, which allows teacher, hall monitors or administrator in the hall a chance to verify the student is in the proper place.
• When student movement is checked by a teacher, hall monitor or administrator Hall Pass should be initialed in the proper place.
• If student is found out of route the teacher, hall monitor or administrator should circle their initial.
• Discuss violation with student when convenient.

HallPasses Effectively and Securely Record Student Trips Outside the Classroom

Document your students' destination for trips outside of the classroom with this innovative student tracking system from Class A Products. We offer a Hall Pass holder and cards that students sign and takes whenever they go out of the classroom. With 10 colors of Hall Pass cards and 9 colors of Hall Pass card holders you can color-coded different sections of the school to readily identify proper student movement.


Teacher HallPass Kit (Product Code: THP-1)

Our Teacher HallPass kit includes everything you need for a complete student accountability system to secure the halls of the school. Included in the Hall Pass kit is a plastic HallPass card holder in your choice of 9 colors (click to enlarge image of available Hall Pass holder colors to view colors), a year’s supply (12) of Hall Pass cards in your choice of 10 colors (click to enlarge image of available HallPass card colors to view colors), instruction card to post for students and labels to personalize for each teacher’s classroom. The instruction guide you can be post for students' reference. This package is available for only $3.95 (plus handling and shipping).

HallPass Holder (Product Code: CHP-2)

Our HallPass holder is a highly visible plastic card holder measuring approx. 9" X 6". This card holder is available in nine colors and is used to hold your movement record card. You can purchase this item for $3.35 (plus handling and shipping). They are available in nine colors (click to enlarge image of available HallPass holder colors to view colors).



Hall Pass Cards Bulk Refills (Product Code: TRF-1)

Each of our bulk refill package contains 100 Hall Passes pre-printed on heavy card stock in  your choice of 10 colors.  Bulk refills are perfect to resupply your schol.  We offer this package for a great value of $7.00 (plus handling and shipping).

Hall Pass Cards Refill Package (Product Code: TP-1)

For just $1.30 per package (plus handling and shipping), you get 12 Hall Passes pre-printed on heavy card stock. You can choose from 10 different colors (click to enlarge image of available HallPass card colors to view colors)

HallPass Holder and Cards Color Options

HallPass kits come in a variety of color options. These options allow the selection of HallPass kits to match school colors or color coding zones within the school. The color options are shown below (actual colors may vary slightly):

Hall Pass Holder Color Choices
Hall Pass Card Color Samples

Payment and Shipping

Our products are sold to schools nationwide down load our price list for future reference. To place your orders, reach us through fax, e-mail, or phone. You can also fill out this order form and mail it to us at P.O. Box 670493, Northfield, OH 44067 or Fax to 216-930-4704.

We accept School Purchase Orders, Checks, MasterCard™ and Visa™ for payments. All prices mentioned above exclude shipping and a $3 handling fee. Shipping costs will vary depending on your location and on the weight and volume of your order. You can request a quote on-line or give us a call today to get a quote.